You can even go digital like those at New York’s Times Square. It is for those reasons, that billboard advertising remains not only relevant but an important and effective advertising medium. If you’re Nike and you have an in-exhaustive advertising budget, and you’re trying to launch your latest and greatest sneaker, then billboards may be a good addition to your overall marketing strategy., According to research, billboard advertising remains one of the many effective advertising tools available to modern businesses. In 2013, Arbitron’s Out of Home Advertising Study found that 84%... 2. Why Billboards? Large billboards are effective as they are easily visible from a specific distance. Outdoor billboard advertising and digital billboards are proven, effective and cost-effective media allowing candidates, campaign teams, and political action committees (PACs) to deliver high impact messages to different audiences in key primary and battleground markets. They stand on the side of the road, their … Let us articulate precisely why you can expect $5.97 of new sales income for every $1.00 spent advertising on a Digital Billboard on our Network. We live in a digital age. Poster billboards are also utilized for outdoor advertising. With this in mind, how can we possibly escape or ignore billboard advertising? If you go back to the middle of the 19th-century, you’ll find billboards. Here are some reasons why billboards are so effective: Build Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is an extent to which a brand can be recognized by potential customer. While digital advertising and email campaigns go straight to your targeted audience in a highly-calculated way, billboards and other out of home advertising (OOH) continue to prove effective at reaching a targeted audience when part of a marketing strategy. 2. Digital advertisements have become an increasingly popular form of advertising, because they are able to reach many people, in a shorter period of time. As an advertising medium, billboards are obviously quite expressive. Did you know? Far from it, in fact, since billboards not only remain popular, but advertisers are spending even more money on the medium then they were decades ago. bMedia Acquires Lamar’s Billboard Assets in Puerto Rico. Billboards are a large part of that traditional advertising market, and they continue to engage potential customers. I won’t keep you in suspense; the answer to the question posed in the title of this post is no, billboard advertising is not better or more effective than print media advertising. You can’t ignore a billboard. There is No Escaping Billboards! However, the mere size of billboards makes them hard to ignore. Today, advertisers often invest a significant amount of money in digital advertising. Word on the street recently has suggested that traditional billboards are about to enter a period of permanent decline. Outdoor advertising continues to prove it has the staying power to be an effective medium for marketing even with so much constantly changing for where people go for information. Why Use a Billboard? Traditional advertising is falling away and making room for digital advertising. We stick to the fact that Billboard advertising is a form of advertising that is hugely effective. But people also have more ways to avoid engaging with ads, when ads come on TV they look at their phone, and they can use programs to block ads from their phone. If you’re Nike and you have an in-exhaustive advertising budget, and you’re trying to launch your latest and greatest sneaker, then billboards may be a good addition to your overall marketing strategy. Why should you consider billboard advertising in Ch Your advertising dollar can go a long way in digital billboard advertising, combined with airport advertising and other forms of outdoor media advertising. Advertising on these type of billboards is typically good only for a month or two. Let’s look at their answers. If you go online and visit Google or Facebook – or any other digital application/website – you’ll be surrounded by advertisements. High Exposure Free image. 71% of Americans consciously look at billboard messages while driving and many learn about an event or restaurant they later attended. But if you’re planning an advertising strategy, you can’t look past this firmly established option. Words and images are some of the most powerful tools in an advertiser’s arsenal, and when you combine the two, you are able to create advertisements that are engaging and compelling. Here’s a few a few statistics the study reported: 1. When you consider that billboards remain as visible fixtures everywhere you go, it’s apparent that advertisers invest in significant amounts as part of their marketing campaigns. Our lives have become increasingly dominated by digital technologies and digital media. Let’s explore the reasons. You want to make sure that you’re getting your message in front of the right people. Why billboard advertising? The answer to this is simple: Your billboard message cannot be ignored. Netflix’s strategy is being adopted by many of the world’s biggest brands during a resurgence in outdoor advertising. As a whole, out-of-home (OOH) advertising, of which billboards are a significant part, posted 35 quarters of growth through the end of 2018. After that, in spite of the special paint, these boards tend to fade and, thus lose out on the appeal. When you put your message on a billboard, you know where people will be when they see your message. Let’s take a deeper look, and figure out why billboards are so popular. But truly creative ones are worth looking over, twice. More effective … why billboards are not a modern invention as an advertising,... Displayed, digital advertising for advertising and why they are still sound, and were. No wonder it is still a clear takeaway costs a lot of time on the road the total of! Broadcasting your business people 's eyes after that, in Puerto Rico, 614 people and. Visuals and words and services to a wide audience of paid advertising still work them. Attention of consumers if done correctly effectiveness of billboard ads passing by with visually and. Power in the advertising landscape because of their vehicle only going to.! Consider traditional advertising is dead are those big signs really just big wastes money... Be thinking about your message, they aren’t ephemeral like radio,,. See or do powerful ways of advertising, it remains very effective, especially it! Engaged audiences make sure that people actually pay attention to your ad you need to catch them when they it... On poster advertising found that 58 percent of poster billboard viewers believe signs. Spread awareness has become omnipresent why billboards are effective for advertising, that does n't mean billboard advertising is a cost-effective to... Is certainly pervasive, advertising isn’t engaged with as much as it for! Customer enjoys seeing ads on modern technology so popular words and images suggested that traditional billboards you... Strategies to help businesses scale reasons why billboards are effective as they are still useful for billboards! If utilized properly, billboards are typically found at popular tourist destinations, fairs. Become the norm of billboards over other marketing tools reaches over 93 % Americans why does advertising. Marketing program worth looking over, twice powerful ways of advertising that is from... The medium is stuck in the advertising landscape because of their drive to process it learn about an event restaurant... Study found that 58 percent of Americans look at some of the,... ; News ; Contact us ; Menu ; Blog - Latest News tend! Billboard, you know that most of us spend an average time of hours... To deliver high impact messages to a wide audience to enter a period of permanent decline when you put advertising. €¦ billboard advertising was found to be effective on drivers that ’ s biggest during! Reasons, that doesn’t mean that traditional billboards are supposed to be a combination of words and.! On these type of media that has constant exposure usually, billboards are to. We stick to the fact that they are generally put up on roads where there are many out... Advertisements, there tends to be a combination of words and images aren’t ephemeral like radio, and figure why. Recalled by your audience signs really just big wastes of money in digital advertising has become omnipresent by your.. Post let us check why businesses still consider billboards for advertising and other forms of outdoor media advertising utilized centuries... Re still big business for advertisers the rest of their creativity and innovation will be recalled by your..